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About $uicideboy$Edit

Starting off in New Orleans, Cousins Scott & Aristos decided to start a rap group named $uicideboy$, the name comes from a dark time where the Cousins decided if they weren't going to go anywhere in life by around age 30 they would end up most likely end up comitting suicide. After blowing up in late 2015 the cousins have gone to tour the US, Australia, And New Zealand, The $uicideboy$ have over millions of Plays on platforms like Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify and more, they have collaborated with other rappers such as Pouya, Denzel Curry, Germ, and many more, Most of the $uicideboy$ songs are self-produced, if not by them it's by Scott's youngest brother known as Slim Gucci

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$crim and Ruby.